s The secret of precision balls like the billiard ball.

If you are interested in the game of billiards, you may be interested in how it is made. Find out about the different steps you need to go through to do so.

Make a billiard ball, how do you do that?

The game of billiards is a very popular game all over the world. But haven't you ever wondered how they're built? Its manufacture requires great precision and experience. In the next few paragraphs, we show you how to make billiard balls.

Choose the billiard game version

The first step to getting billiard balls made is to find out what type of billiard game you are interested in. Billiard games come in several possible versions. Each version has different game rules, different characteristics and a different precision ball. First of all, the choice will be according to the expectations of its owner. A billiard game can be a simple leisure to relax for some people. For others, the game of billiards is a matter of mastering technique and strategies. For example, French billiards is calmer while snooker is more professional. On the other hand, billiard balls are made according to billiard games. The size, density, colour and number of each ball is taken into account here. The functions of each ball are also taken into account. There is the grinding ball, the breaker ball, the cue ball, etc.

Compare materials

In the early days of the billiard game, billiard balls were made from wood, clay and beef bones. Next to it, there was ivory, which won the official place of billiard ball among players in the 17th century. However, this material was banned several years later. In fact, it is the ivory of the elephant. Since the manufacture of billiard balls with this material, elephants were on the verge of extinction. It was then necessary to find an alternative material. New billiard balls were then made from other types of material. This is the case of the billiard ball with celluloid.
This is the plastic ball.
plastic ball

It turned out that this one was still quite brittle. Other materials come into play as well. For example, the stainless steel ball or the carbon ball, or even both combined.

Use a professional

Once you know roughly the different materials of a billiard ball and the version of billiard game you want, it is finally possible to make your own. To do so, we recommend that you hire a reputable professional. The manufacture of a billiard game requires specific skills and knowledge. With a professional, you will have at your disposal an expert who will be able to provide you with a custom-made industrial ball. First of all, he will take into account the billiard game desired by the customers. He will draw from this choice the size, density, colour, numbers, etc. of the table and the billiard balls. He will then build your billiard game. The professional will spend most of his time in the manufacture of billiard balls. These are very specific for each type of game. He will supply cylindrical shaped parts, more precisely your billiard balls, thanks to the mechanical turning of the materials. He is not only going to supply the billiard table and its dream components. He will also be able to support you in your choices and advise on how to take care of them so that they last over time.
Glass ball